Friday, December 18, 2009

Its Not Fair

Yesterday was my last day at school for the year. I thought I should be proud and glad for everything that has happened throughout the year, yet as I go into my final year in primary school, I am disappointed for what happened on the fateful day.
My school has leadership roles and two school captains (one male, one female) whom get to represent the school to all other adults, parents and politicians that we visit. There are other roles, but none are as good as being school captain. They announce the school captains at the end of the final assembly for the year. I had been short-listed and was hoping for the best wishes that after waiting so long I would finally become school captain.
When the time came to announce it I was so excited I thought finally my long waiting to be a great role model for the school would be over, but it wasn't. It wasn't my name that was called out. It wasn't my name at all. I feel a great melancholy for the sadness I expierenced. I realise only now how ridiculous the prossess is. Out of seventy children only to get glory, and only out of them there are winners. It felt like someone going to you straight in the face and telling you 'You're just not good enough.' That was how it felt to be rejected for the most important role.
This is why I say it isn't fair. How by making two people happy they make sixty-one children at my age sad. Could they sacrifice this leadership possition to make the rest of the children happy? I am not sure, but let me tell those teachers if they are reading this today that they need to understand the sensitivity of children, and the grief that can be caused by picking favourites.
This is what I say,